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Current & Voltage


Waterproof Models
Current & Voltage

Current and Voltage Loggers

Micron Meters battery-powered process and voltage data loggers are designed to monitor and record time and date-stamped data. Several data logger models are available, with many ranges to choose from. Each logger features user-defined Engineering Units, making data conversions easy.

When gauging DC current levels, our process logger line is ideal for industrial and process applications. MadgeTech’s voltage logger line provides complete function and readability for DC voltage measurements. Both styles of these precision instruments have been designed to be long-lasting, durable and intuitive in their user functions. Our process and voltage loggers are available with an extended warranty option, providing additional benefits such as recalibration discounts and reminders. NIST-certified calibration is available.
Thermistor Probes

Thermistor probes

A range of thermistor probes for use with Tinytag data loggers. Designed to meet the demands of a wide variety of applications, this range of probes includes fast response probes for temperature profiling, surface probes for the recording of pipe work temperatures, armoured probes for use in meat processing and probes for use in composting.
Many of the probes in this range have a moulded construction, making them waterproof (IP68 rated) and suitable for use in damp or submerged locations.
Pressure Monitors

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