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Calibration-Tinytag Loggers

TinyTag Initial Calibration Services.

Calibration certificates for loggers at time of purchase.
Calibration certificates, traceable to national standards, can be supplied at the point-of-purchase upon customer request at an additional cost.

Standard calibration points.

Calibration certificates for Temperature and Humidity data loggers are issued at the following two points unless otherwise specified:
  • Temperature: 0 and 30°C 
  • Humidity: 20 and 80 % RH (at 25°C) 

Additional / alternate calibration points.

Alternate or additional points may be specified within the following limits:
  • Temperature: -20 to +150 °C 
  • Humidity: 20 to 90 % RH (at 25°C)

Order codes and pricing are as follows. 
  • CAL-9000 initial calibration (single channel data Logger) 
  • CAL-9003 initial calibration (dual channel data logger)
  • CAL-9005 initial calibration (four channel data logger)

Further information.
If you should have any questions about data logger calibrations or already have a Tinytag Data Logger and need to have it calibrated,  please  give us a call using any of the numbers listed at the bottom of this web page.
Bridge 101A Data Logger Kit
Quick View Data Sheet - Bridge101A Quick View Data Sheet (HTML)
The Bridge101A is one of MadgeTech’s newest data loggers. It is part of a new series of low cost, state-of-the-art data logging devices. MadgeTech has taken the lead in offering the most advanced, low cost, battery powered data loggers in the world today.

The Bridge101A offers a multiple start/stop function, ultra-high speed download capability, 1 million reading storage capacity, optional memory wrap, battery life indicator, optional password protection, programmable alarms and more. The Bridge101A is priced at $499 each and can be delivered from stock now. Our research has shown that the Bridge101A is second to no other data logger when it comes to price and performance.

Using the MadgeTech Software, starting, stopping and downloading from the Bridge101A is simple and easy. Graphical, tabular and summary data is provided for analysis and data can be viewed in V, mV and μV. The data can also be automatically exported to Excel® for further calculations.

As the leader in low power data logger technology, MadgeTech continuously improves its products and develops solutions to meet ever-changing challenges. The Bridge101A was designed with our customers in mind. MadgeTech offers free firmware upgrades for the life of the product so that data loggers already deployed in the field can grow with new technological developments. Units do not need to be returned to the factory for upgrades. The user can do this automatically from any PC.
List Price $499.00
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Explorer Software SWCD-0040

Tinytag Explorer is an intuitive Windows program for all Tinytag data loggers.

 A step-by-step launch page provides a simple guide to  set up of a logger and a printable confirmation screen verifies your settings.

Offloaded data can be presented either as a summary or in detailed, configurable graphical or tabular views.
Data is presented graphically by default, with simple navigation features that allow you to zoom in and scroll through your data. Axes can also be rescaled, line colours changed and notes added for clearer presentation. Also unwanted data can be masked using a 'top and tail feature'. Graphs are also dynamically linked to the tabular and information views, so that changing the view magnification automatically updates the other views. All three views can be exported into MS Excel and Word, either by file export or copy and paste.

Data from multiple logging runs or multiple loggers can be easily combined into the same graph or table, allowing easier analysis of that data using the comprehensive overlay features.

The software also includes a comprehensive, illustrated help file to take you through the basics as well as the more advanced features and a printed getting started guide.
There are minimum specifications to run Tinytag Explorer and a licence agreement that you should be aware of.

  • Quick to get started, simple step-by-step set up screen
  • Combines data traces from multiple recordings on the same graph
  • Graphical, tabular and information views
  • Supports Txt, CSV, Excel, and XML export formats, or simply copy and paste
  • Choice of data views or presentations - concise graphs and tables
  • Bulk Offload Tool
  • Run ID feature creates a unique traceable code for each recording
  • integrated calibrations reminder facility
  • Illustrated and comprehensive ‘Help’ file
  • Current reading feature that allows you to check your loggers
  • Multiple language support
T24-SO Serial Output Module
Quick View
Quick View- Specification, Data Sheets, Software Downloads & FAQ's Specifications
Data Sheets
This module generates a serial output ASCII string which can include data from up to 8 x radio telemetry T24 acquisition modules as well as optionally sum them. The output is suitable for connecting to many serial input devices that require simple ASCII data.

The actual ASCII output can be designed by the user which can include free text or tokens which can represent real data. i.e. <V1> would be the value from input module 1 when the output is triggered.

The output of the device can be triggered by the reception of user specified data. i.e. data is only outputted when data is received from a specific acquisition module or when triggered from a handheld device.

The license free 2.4GHz direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) radio technology offers high integrity, error free communications which can co-exist with other wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® and Zigbee®. FCC, ETSI and IC approvals.

The module is configured using free T24 Toolkit software which runs on a PC connected to a T24 base station.

Internal antenna offers up to 200m (650 ft) range in an open field site.
  • Radio telemetry serial ASCII output gateway
  • Drives displays, feeds data to data collections systems, loggers, printers, computers and PLCs etc
  • Wide operating supply range
  • User definable serial ASCII output
  • Surface mounting enclosure
  • Simple configuration and calibration
  • Internal antenna delivers up to 200m (650 ft) range
  • Water-proofed to IP65 NEMA 4
Micron Digital Panel Meters

Micron Digital Panel Meters

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