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SGA A/D Strain Gage Amplifier
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  • Strain gauge amplifier for signal conditioning of load cells
  • Bridge excitation of 10V DC with drive for 4 load cells
  • Selectable bandwidth of 1 to 5000 Hz for test & measurement applications
  • Selectable sensitivity 0.1 to 30 mV/V using switches & potentiometer
  • Switch selectable offset ±70% FS using switches and fine trim potentiometer
  • User selectable analogue output in standard voltage or current format
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    SGA PCB Board [2] SGA with Enclosure [3] Enclosure with Din Rail Kit
    The SGA Strain Gauge Amplifier is a high performance signal conditioner for single or multiple strain gauge bridge sensors such as load, force, pressure and torque. The SGA offers a wide bandwidth and a wide input signal range. The device can be powered from AC or DC supplies providing excitation for up to 4 x 350 ohm strain gauge bridges. The conditioned output signal can be selected from 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10V, 0-5V, ±5V or ±10V. Options include. Isolated DC supply, DIN rail mount and OEM module.

    The SGA Strain Gauge Amplifier is supplied in a waterproof IP65 NEMA4 bulkhead mountable case and is available with AC or DC power supply options. Robust and fully CE compliant.

    For a digital version with set point relays, communications and display options please see our Load Cell Amplifier Model LCA15.
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    Twisted Wires J series 36 AWG

    TWISTED WIRE J Series 36 AWG

    Ultra Lightweight, Durable and Low-Cost are just a few of the reasons that this is one of our Top Selling Miniature Twisted Wire Products.

  • Strain Gages & Load Cells
  • Hook-Up Wire
  • Micro-Electronics
  • Micro-Coils 
  • & Many More Applications


    CONDUCTOR: Silver Plated Soft Copper Core. 7 x 44 AWG
    INSULATION: Teflon or Neoflon PFA. Diameter 0.30 mm
    TWISTING: 8/12 x Diameter.


    Following ASTM B 298. NFC 93523. MIL W 16878 Extruded.

    Service Kits for Data Loggers

    Service Kits for Gemini Tinytag Data Loggers.

    Service Kits for Tinytag data loggers that include batteries and everything else required to service a data logger. Each pack comes with full instructions on how to service a data logger

    Kit Numbers and Descriptions are Listed Below.
    T24-RM1 Wireless Relay Module
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    Quick View- Specification, Data Sheets, Software Downloads & FAQ's Specifications
    Data Sheets
    This wireless relay module offers dual power relays capable of mains power switching. These relays can be configured as high, low or window alarms and can be associated with a group of up to eight T24 acquisition modules per relay.

    Relays can operate when the sum of the assigned acquisition modules reach a setpoint or when any of the modules reach the setpoint. There is also a mode where the difference between the lowest and highest value is compared to the setpoint. This is ideal for applications where you are looking for a group of weights to be within a certain band. i.e. balancing four corners of a weigh scale or a hanging truss.

    Relays can be latched and a digital input or external command can be used to reset them. An alarm/error signal relay is operated if communication is lost or other selectable errors occur and this alarm resets once the source of the alarm or error is removed.

    The licence free 2.4GHz direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) radio technology offers high integrity, error free communications which can co-exist with other wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® and Zigbee®. FCC, ETSI and IC approvals.

    The module is configured using free T24 Toolkit software which runs on a PC connected to a T24 base station and is supplied in an IP65 sealed ABS case but a DIN rail option is available

    Internal antenna offers up to 200m (650 ft) range in an open field site.  
    • Wireless telemetry operated relay module
    • Accepts up to 16 inputs from T24 devices and triggers a range of selectable output actions 
    • New relay operation modes (triggering based on sum of modules, any individual module or difference between low and high values of modules)
    • Dual 240Vac 5A relay module for limit or window alarms for T24 acquisition modules
    • Configurable latching, inversion and hysteresis
    • Wide operating supply range
    • Surface mounting enclosure
    • Simple wireless configuration and calibration
    • Internal antenna delivers up to 200m (650 ft) range
    • Sealed to IP65 NEMA 4
    T24-RDC Remote Data Collector
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    Quick View- Specification, Data Sheets, Software Downloads & FAQ's Specifications
    Data Sheets
    The remote data acquisition system has been developed to utilise the existing GPRS network to enable remote monitoring for a wide number of applications using Mantracourts wireless T24 inputs.

    Using a Quad Band GPRS telemetry modem, the wireless data collector allows users to log and report data to multiple destinations including servers, email addresses and mobile phones, allowing for world wide access to data for recording and monitoring.

    Accepting remote data from multiple inputs: mV/V strain measurement, 4-20mA, 0-10V, temperature, pulse and potentiometer. All data is time and date stamped and sent to destinations at regular intervals.

    Measurements are also compared to user defined limits which can trigger alert messages allowing real time monitoring of an entire system.

    Please Note: The RDC is a Remote Data Collection device which communicates using a GSM GPRS modem and therefore is bound by the restrictions and limitations of a mobile data network. 
    • Wireless sensor data collection from up to 200 sensors 
    • Uses mobile network (GPRS) to transmit data to email FTP, SMS and HTTP POST
    • User configurable alerts on event
    • Wireless sensor range of up to 200m
    • Easily integrated into current Mantracourt systems
    • Low power functionality for prolonging battery life
    • Date and time stamped data
    • Data stored in not volatile memory
    • Remote configuration via SMS
    • Configure with PC wirelessly up to 200m away
    • Data Stored onboard in case of temporary GPRS connection failure
    • On board rechargeable battery
    • IP65 enclosure measuring 122 x 120 x 55mm (not including antenna and glands)
    • One year warranty

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