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ACS-6000 - Trigger Start Magnet
Trigger Start Magnet
A magnet for starting loggers that have been set up for a trigger start.
CAB-3239 Voltage/XP input lead

Tinytag voltage/XP input lead.

A 5-wire interface cable for Tinytag voltage and XP data loggers.
ACS-5000-PK - Tinytag Alarm Box

Tinytag alarm box.

An audible alarm box for Use with Tinytag Plus 2 and Tinytag View 2 data loggers.
This unit includes connection cable.
  • Programmable delay
  • 1.5 m cable
  • Test button
  • Reset button (clears data logger alarms)
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T24-DPV Data Viewer and Logger
A simple viewing and logging program allowing users to view and log data from a single T24 radio telemetry acquisition module. The module to be interrogated is chosen from a list of available T24 devices detected on the radio channel selected. The program also performs sleeping and waking allowing battery life to be conserved when not in use. The log file created is a simple CSV file detailing the output value and the time elapsed from the beginning of the logging cycle. 
  • Select the radio channel required and choose a device to view from the list of detected devices. Once viewed the data can be logged to a CSV file
  • Select a required device
  • View the value on a simulated LCD display
  • Log the data to a CSV file
NOTE: Only works with the USB base station T24-BSU

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