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Data Logger Solutions at Micron Meters
Micron Meters offers solutions for measuring, monitoring and logging a wide variety of environmental and physical conditions.

Important Note!
Micron Meters offers Data Loggers from several manufacturers so when making your selection be sure to stay within the series of loggers offered from that manufacturer.

Gemini TinyTag Series

T&D Series

MadgeTech Series

Cold Room, Refrigerator Freezer Monitoring Shock and Vibration Monitoring
Museum & Laboratory Monitoring Voltage and Current Monitoring
Vaccine Temperature Monitoring Pressure Sensor Monitoring
Autoclave Validation Wind, Temp/Humidity & Rainfall Monitoring
Agriculture Crop Monitoring Cryogenic Temperature Monitoring
Livestock & Poultry Monitoring many other applications......
Temperature Voltage
Humidity Current
Flow & Level Pulse
Wind Speed Pressure
Barometric Pressure Motion
UV Intensity Shock & Vibration
Light Intensity Bridge-Strain
CO2 4-20 mA

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