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The T24 wireless telemetry range is a flexible telemetry system designed to provide excellent battery life, up to 5 years, and high accuracy measurement data from a wide range of sensors outputs which include strain gauge, voltage, current, resistance, temperature and pulse. There are many types of sensors that produce these outputs: load cells, inclinometers, accelerometers, pressure, displacement to name but a few. To complement the acquisition modules there are devices that allow the building of telemetry systems, these include hand held displays, printers, relay modules for alarms, analogue outputs for connection to existing data acquisition systems and loggers, serial output devices for direct connection into PC, PLC and displays, Gateway devices providing a standard interface into PCs and PLCs and even a device for collecting data to pass over the mobile/cellular network to allow remote monitoring from anywhere in the world!
T24 Wireless Telemetry System

Acquisition Modules |Application Ready with Enclosure|

A variety of enclosures offer a host of features making the acquisition modules easy to install in a wide range of applications. The T24-ACMm being the smallest when used in conjunction with a ‘AAA’ battery housing known as T24-BB1 provides an ideal solution where space is tight. The T24-ACM houses two ‘D’ size batteries for more demanding battery life requirements and can even be powered from an external DC source. Sealed to IP65 and with two part field connectors makes this the easiest module to install. In between the T24-ACM and the T24-ACMm is the versatile T24-ACMi. Sealed to IP65 and housing for two ‘AA’ cells with an internal screw terminal block for sensor connections makes this our biggest seller.

OEM PCM Acquisition Modules |without Enclosure|

All of the T24 acquisition modules are available as OEM modules so you can take our modules and build them into your own enclosures or machines.
Inputs include: strain gauge, 0-10V, 4-20mA, PT100 (temperature), potentiometer and pulse measurement for period, frequency and pulse counting.


A number of handhelds providing different functionality are available, simple to use and all giving good battery life from two ‘AA’ cells. Configuration is by the free T24 Toolkit which provides a simple, easy to use interface.
T24-HS is the simplest device providing a one-to-one connection with an associated acquisition module. Having just an On/Off and Tare button makes this ideal for the rental market.
T24-HR allows the user to view any acquisition module in range and on the same channel with no prior setup and hence its name “Handheld Roaming”. Again just two buttons, one to power On and Off the other to step round any devices it finds within range identifying each acquisition module by its DataTag as it steps round.
T24-HA. The most advanced hand held in our range, “Handheld Advanced”. This allows up to 12 predefined acquisition modules to be displayed individually and/or summed giving a total value. Also the T24-HA can sleep and wake individual T24 acquisition modules from the keypad and an extra Function key that can be programmed to trigger a printout to a T24-PR1.

Base Station

Base stations provide connectivity between host devices such as PC’s and PLC’s and the T24 product range. Starting with the lowest cost; the T24-BSu allows for a simple connection to a USB port. This device has a range of up to 100m and is ideal for configuration of the T24 wireless telemetry system. The T24-BSue has the same USB interface but is also sealed to IP65 (excluding USB connector) and has a 200m range. The T24-BSi provides for RS232 and RS485 interfaces. For use in permanent installations and when a USB port may not be available from the host device. When used on an RS485 bus up to 16 of these devices can be connected allowing complex clusters of T24 acquisition modules to be facilitated. T24-BSi has a range of up to 200m.

Output Modules

To build a system, modules which react to sensor changes monitored by acquisition modules are required. The T24 range has a number of products which provide analogue, digital or communications outputs. The T24-AO1 provides a range of industry standard analogue outputs for feeding into existing acquisition systems such as loggers, PLCs and meters to name but a few. The T24-RM1 is a relay module which can be used for audio / visual alarms or control purposes, high/low level alarms with latching is just one example of use. T24-SO module provides a simple means to connecting a host of digital / communications products. Examples being printers, large serial displays, digital loggers, PLCs and PCs. The data output is in ASCII format so can be dealt with by programmers more used to handling ASCII string rather than complex communications protocols. Another useful addition is the T24-PR1 which can be used as a ticket printer triggered from a hand held device for example. With flexible configuration parameters the T24-PR1 a simple report can be generated for the end customer.
The T24-RDC for remote data collection. Measurements gathered from T24 acquisition modules now available all over the world via the internet! Using the GPRS/ cellular network data can be collected and sent in CSV format via email or directly posted into websites using HTTP POST. Additionally alarms which have been triggered by changes in value can be sent to your mobile phone via SMS. Some configuration is also possible via SMS

Software and Accessories for T24 Telemetry Systems

Software for T24
Mantracourt provide Windows based software for which most is free and can be downloaded from this website. A toolkit, T24-TK, is the tool for configuration of all T24 products. Simple to use with built in battery life calculator which helps you get the best from T24 low power features. Calibration is made simple from either live calibration and linearization or table calibration by entering data from a sensor specification. T24-DPV is simple way of displaying and logging a single T24 acquisition module. The free T24LOG24 software allows 24 channels of measurements to be displayed and logged. Again being simple to use and configure makes logging to a CSV file available to all. For more advanced logging and mathematical capability take a look at T24LOG100. This can be styled and branded to match yours or your customer’s company colours and logos giving that custom feel and professional presentation.

Accessories for T24
To support the T24 product range there are a number of essential accessories. The active repeater T24-AR which can extend the range to 400m or maintain “Line of sight”. There is also a range of antenna options for those using the OEM modules. T24-BC1 for when the use of Li-ion rechargeable batteries are a requirement. This module makes it easy to connect a T24 acquisition module to a Li-ion battery that can be charged from a 5 Volt supply. It also provides on board regulation so the acquisition module can be permanently powered from the 5 Volt supply suing the Li-ion for a battery backup mechanism.

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