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The Tinytag Ultra 2 Thermocouple data logger uses a thermocouple sensor for the cost-effective monitoring of temperature in a wide variety of applications.

Thermocouples are temperature sensors that are popular because of their versatility and low cost.
They typically have a fast response time, can be very small in size and are often cheap enough to be treated as disposable.

Thermocouples are available for specific applications, as diverse as aluminium smelting, air temperature monitoring and food preparation.

The Tinytag Ultra 2 Thermocouple logger supports four different types of thermocouple sensor and is compatible with both standard and miniature thermocouple plugs.

Supports type K, J, T & N thermocouples
Connects to standard and miniature thermocouple plugs
Burn out response
Automatic cold-junction compensation
Supplied with a type K thermocouple

28,000 reading capacity
High accuracy and reading resolution
Fast data offload
Splash-proof case
Low battery monitor
User-replaceable battery
USB or serial download cables
User-programmable alarms

Required Items for Operation
Tinytag Explorer, Windows software to configure, offload and analyze data from all Tinytags. The software is provided as a site license and can be bundled with the appropriate download cable for your logger.
There are two cables available to download data from this logger. The preferred option, the CAB-0007-USB can connect to any of your computer's USB ports. If you have an older computer a CAB-0007 serial cable is also available.

Options and Accessories
Optional UKAS traceable calibration certificates for this single channel data logger can be purchased, for more details visit Tinytag calibration.

Regular Price: $165.00
Micron's Web Price: $160.05 


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