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Tinytag data loggers support your laboratory & healthcare test and measuring.

If you work with sterilisation processes, vaccine and blood product transportation or fridge, freezers and culture rooms, or similar areas, you’ll find a variety of Tinytags to aid your health care monitoring.
For example, if you require the monitoring of a medical refrigerator thermometer, Tinytag does a thermometer’s job for you and produces an audio alarm when an unwanted change in temperature occurs.
  • Fridge, freezers & culture rooms
  • Sterilization
  • Vaccine storage monitoring
  • Vaccines & blood transportation 
Tinytags help you maintain correct drugs storage temperatures in freezers and culture rooms. Tinytags in this section are used to monitor:
  • Vaccine and drug storage temperature
  • Temperature in culture rooms
  • Temperature in freezers and cryogenic applications
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The WHO recommendation is for the temperature of vaccine refrigerators to be continually monitored and for a record to be taken at least once per day and documented on a chart. Historically, a min/max thermometer would be used for this purpose. However, this is laborious and prone to human error, so a small Tinytag data logger that sits next to the vaccines is an easier, more effective solution.

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Highly sensitive consignments, such as blood products or body organs, need to be kept in very specific conditions and maintained at the correct temperature. Various institutions around the world use Tinytags extensively for medical alert monitoring. Ease of programming, visual alarms and quick download ensures the required information is readily available upon the arrival of a shipment.

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