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Tinytag Data Loggers Provide Essential Monitoring for Goods in Storage and Transit

Tinytag data loggers are used throughout the logistics industry to help achieve quality management standards and compliance with specified regulations and procedures for a range of goods. They are used in warehousing and transportation particularly throughout the cold chain, and for materials handling applications where they can help identify if and when product damage occurred. Information gathered by the data loggers enables conditions to be measured, documented, analysed and validated.

Temperature and humidity loggers help verify that specified conditions for goods are maintained, particularly throughout the rigorous conditions of the cold chain for the food (including helping to verify HACCP controls), pharmaceuticals and chemical industries. A range of probes are available for product specific temperature monitoring.

Shock and vibration loggers are ideal for operations involving delicate or sensitive goods, helping to pinpoint instances where product mishandling has taken place.
  • Storage (Warehousing)
  • Transportation 
Tinytag stand-alone data loggers monitor and help verify correct storage conditions, primarily temperature and humidity, for goods in warehouses, cold stores and retail premises. Dual channel loggers are available if required to monitor both product core and surrounding air temperature. 
For larger-scale operations, the Tinytag Radio logging system uses a mesh network to automatically send ‘real-time’ data from multiple logging points to a receiver connected to a PC. The system is very robust: if a logger is temporarily out of range or obstructed, for example by a forklift, the data hops to another radio logger within range and from there to the receiver. If no other logger is within range, data is stored locally until the obstruction clears, at which time it will be transferred to the receiver, avoiding data loss.

  • Monitoring for frozen, chilled and ambient conditions
  • Suitable for small areas, up to large-scale logistical operations
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Stand-alone temperature and humidity loggers are deployed to help verify that specified conditions are maintained for products being shipped, including fresh agricultural goods, frozen food, livestock, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Radio loggers can be deployed in daily delivery vehicles, with historical data sent automatically to a receiver when they return to the depot.

Shock and vibration loggers are widely used in the movement of valuable and sensitive goods, including electronic components, medical devices, valuable antiques and artwork, to identify if and when product mishandling took place should goods arrive damaged. This can help packaging and handling procedures to be improved and corrected, and even help with insurance claims.

  • Robust, compact and lightweight
  • Suitable for road, sea or air transport
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