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The Basic Search function searches the fields listed below. Advanced Search functions differently.
- Name
- Manufacturer's Part number
The Basic Search scans the database for comparison to your entry.
Tip 1: Keep it simple
Enter only 2 or 3 characters in the search field, rather than entering a complete part number or name.
By putting only the first few characters, your search will yield a larger return of data this way.
Tip 2: When Searching for a particular product try entering a brief description of the item.
Example: Entire Wire to see all products that include a variation of that word.
If you don't find a match then try using our advanced search engine.
Basic Search Engine


The Advanced Search feature checks all of the fields that the basic search does, as well as the description and price if the customer chooses. Customers can also narrow their search criteria by product types and/or entity, and can choose to have product pictures shown for the search results:
Advanced Search Options
Advanced Search Engine
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