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Mantracourt | Sensor Instrumentation

Micron Meters offers an Extensive Range of Sensor Instrumentation designed for Signal Conditioning, Display and Control using Analog, Digital and Wireless Techniques. Our Sensor Instrumentation is commonly used with Load Cells, Strain Gauges, Pressure Sensors, Torque Transducers, Flow and Temperature Sensors.
Micron Meters is an Authorized Distributor and Technical Partner for Mantracourt Electronics.

The T24 Wireless Telemetry Sensor System is a modular wireless solution for industrial sensor applications

Features & Benefits

High accuracy, high quality measurement is interfaced with simple yet powerful configuration and monitoring software. T24 gives sensor manufacturers and integrators the complete flexibility to build their own sensor modules around it. The system easily replaces wired systems, reducing installation and maintenance costs.
T24 Provides
  • Exceptional performance in the harshest of conditions
  • High measurement low noise electronics
  • Long battery life of up to five years in the field
  • Proprietary license free 2.4 GHz
  • Intuitive software which calibrates to sensors in under three minutes
Modular System
We know how industry applications can vary, so T24 can be constructed to fit around each requirement. Transmitter modules, base stations, robust handheld displays, serial outputs, relays, printers and analogue outputs can be simply configured to suit your needs.

Measurement Quality
High accuracy, low noise measurement electronics deliver high resolution, low drift results which can be user calibrated over nine points to enable linearisation and to deliver results in user definable engineering units. The results can be transmitted at rates of up to 200 per second to other T24 devices.
Powerful Software
Configuration of devices is simple with our user friendly Toolkit software. Configure and calibrate by using either known inputs or by table entry.

Range & Coverage
T24 modules are fitted with efficient antennas which provide superior performance and data integrity. The antenna’s signal integrity and coverage overcomes challenging environmental conditions such as moving objects or high metallic environments. The license free 2.4 GHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) radio technology offers high integrity, error free communications which can co-exist with other wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® and Zigbee®.

Instrumentation Designed for the Following Sensors

A Wireless Modular System

Construct systems to suit your application


Transmitters-  Cased Units - OEM PCB Boards
T24 transmitter modules collect data from industrial sensors including load, pressure, torque, strain, temperature, pulse, potentiometer and 4-20 mA / 0-10 V conditioned sensors.

Interfaces | Base Stations
Wireless base stations collect and configure data from T24 radio telemetry modules. Free software provides simplified configuration, logging and visualizations for Windows PCs.

Wireless data can be displayed on large LED displays or via portable handheld devices.
Wireless receivers allow for data output to devices such as printers, loggers, PLCs and displays.

  • Monitoring tension and compression on shoring struts
  • Crane/under-hook scales
Waste Management
  • Skip weighing
  • Tension measurement on mooring lines
  • Pressure sensing in gravity fed power station
  • Strain measurement on wind turbine blades
  • Torque measurement on rotating shaft
  • Weight distribution on high performance vehicles
Oil & Gas
  • Monitoring dynamic stresses on umbilical cords
Micron Meters customers find the T24 software  fully functional and being laptop based makes it user-friendly and hassle free.
Our Technical Product Specialist and Engineers are always interested in finding new ways to incorporate the T24-Wireless Sensors into an application.
Challenge Us with your Application
Send us an email outlining your application and we will review it and reply with our recommendations.

The X24 Wireless ATEX/IECEX Telemetry Sensor System is a modular wireless solution for Hazardous Zone applications

Features & Benefits

X24 Provides
  • Intrinsically safe electronics approved for ATEX /IECEx Zones 1 & 2
  • Adaptable and expandable wireless system for safe zones
  • Long battery life of up to five years in the field
  • Wireless transmission range of up to 800 m (half a mile)
  • Proprietary license free 2.4 GHz, approved for FCC, IC and European use
  • Intuitive software which calibrates to sensors in under three minutes
  • Strain gauge measurements for load, strain, pressure, force and torque
Multiple usage scenarios
Certified wireless transmitters now available to cover multiple usage scenarios in potentially lucrative markets.

Intrinsically safe
Intrinsically safe electronics approved with the latest CSA Group / Sira Certification for ATEX / IECEx Zones 1 & 2.

Adapt to changing environments
Adapt to changing environments with an easy to add, expandable wireless system for new or retrofit installation. Certified transmitters send to ‘safe zone’ base stations, gateways, analogue and digital outputs.

Exceptionally reliable signal
Exceptionally reliable signal in environments which are likely to have a high density of metal equipment. High performance for assured and secured transmission. Reduce Installation and maintenance Installation costs vastly reduced with quick set up. Save on maintenance down time.
Up to half a mile Transmission distance
Transmission distance up to half a mile (800 m / 2600 ft) and battery lifetime of up to five years.

Enhance your Ex solution with trusted wireless technology
Benefit from our established, tried and tested technology designed and manufactured by the industry leader.

OEM option
OEM option for embedding within sensors and enclosures.

Free Logging and visualization software
Powerful logging and visualization software, which is entirely free to download from our website, is used to display and build visual representations of systems with live readings. Smart Diagnostics for Early Warning Intuitive software provides audible alarms to indicate under and over range as well as loss in communications. Indicates low battery and other remote sensor states and allows the creation of customized reports.



The X24-HD is a highly configurable ATEX/IECEx handheld display capable of working with X24 or T24 Transmitter modules. This allows wireless remote viewing of various remote inputs such as strain gauge or voltage etc. using 2.4 GHz radio.

Cased transmitter

ATEX/IECEx Telemetry transmitter module in an enclosure which measures strain input and periodically transmits data for receipt by X24 or T24 receivers.
OEM transmitter

Telemetry transmitter OEM module measures strain input and periodically transmits data for receipt by X24 or T24 receivers.

Signal Conditioning

Micron Meters line of Analog Output Strain Gauge Signal Conditioning Modules offers a flexible solution for any Analog requirement.

High Speed (up to 6 kHz)

From miniature PCBs to panel instruments or bulkhead / DIN rail mounted units, We can provide high speed (up to 6 kHz) and high stability analogue outputs in 0-10 V, 0-5 V, ±10 V, ±5 V, or 4-20 mA.

4-20 mA ATEX Intrinsically Safe

Designed to work in Zones 0, 1, 2 the device can be connected to ATEX approved equipment including strain gauges, load cells, pressure and torque transducers within the hazardous zone or to non-approved ATEX equipment outside the hazardous zone, with a suitable barrier.

PCB only versions of the signal conditioning modules are also available, giving OEMs the opportunity to integrate modules into their own systems, creating new products to their specifications.

What is a Signal Conditioner?

A signal conditioner is a device that converts an electrical signal into another form of signal that is more useful to the user. Load cell signal conditioning may include amplification, attenuation, excitation, filtering and isolation.


Generally, an amplifier is a device that converts a small signal into a proportionally larger signal.


Attenuation is the opposite of amplification.


The external application of electrical voltage applied to a transducer for normal operation.


Filters reject unwanted noise within a certain frequency range.


Is used to break ground loops, blocks high-voltage surges and reject high common-mode voltage. This protects both the operators and the measuring equipment.

Digital Signal Converters

Micron Meters provides a range of Signal Converter Modules which take load cell or strain bridge inputs and provide a data output in a variety of bus and protocol formats.
Hardware formats include RS232, RS422 RS485, CAN and USB.
Signal converter protocols include Industry Standards such as MODBUS, or Mantracourt’s own proprietary protocols which have been optimised for either ease of use (MantraASCII2) or higher speed communications (MantraBus2).

Desktop & Handheld

DSCUSB Strain Gauge to USB Converter

DSCUSB is ideal for obtaining a simple connection directly into a PC. Powered from the USB port and with simple easy to use DSC Toolkit software available free of charge from our website makes the DSCUSB one of the simplest load cell signal converters available.
Note that the signal converters are also available in an OEM format, contact Micron Meters for details.

PSD Strain Gauge or Load Cell Indicator

The PSD232 is a handheld signal converter with an RS232 output. Data in an ASCII string format echo’s the current value being displayed. This ASCII string could be used by a serial display such as SERIALDIS, an ASCII datalogger, a PC, a PLC or a Printer. It’s ideal for the laboratory or test applications not requiring a permanent installation.

Embedded and PCB Modules

For OEM and system integrators we have a range of load cell signal converters that can be embedded directly into a sensor body such as a load cell using the DCell range or integrated onto a PCB or enclosure using the DSC range. Both these product ranges are available with RS485 or CAN bus connectivity with the DSC also offering RS232. Mantracourt offer a free configuration tool, see Instrument Explorer in our download section website and also found there is the logging software DSCLOG24 for multichannel logging.


To support the load cell signal converter modules we have a number of accessories which includes the DS485DIS - a display unit that can sum channels or show individual values from DCell or DSC modules. Field connection boards such as DSJ1 and DSJ4, which make connections for the load cells, communication bus and power simple.

Evaluation Kit

To get started with these products take a look at the Evaluation kits that are available, everything you need to get going at a very competitive price! includes the DS485DIS a display unit that can sum channels or show individual values from DCell or DSC modules. Field connection boards such as DSJ1 and DSJ4 which make connections for the load cells, communication bus and power simple.

Digital Indicator

Two Available Formats: Handheld, Bulkhead

Surface Mount offer LCD and LED displays and the handhelds are available with LCD.


The handhelds known as PSD & PSD232 load cell indicator modules (powered by two AA batteries) provides long life using innovative power saving features. The enclosure is sealed to IP65 / NEMA 4 and a carry case option is available. The display is TEDS enabled for automatic sensor calibration. RS232 output can be chosen as an option allowing connection to any RS232 interface whether it’s a PC or simple data logger. See the PSD232 for more details on these load cell indicator modules.

Bulkhead Displays

For building a system based on T24 or DSC/Dcell requiring a display, we offer The SERIALDIS and DS485DIS. The SERIALDIS displays ASCII data sent from PC, PLC or the T24-SO. The DS485DIS connects directly to DSC/Dcell via RS485 using the MantraBUS-II protocol, to enable the display of individual load cells or the total of a group of load cells. This is ideal for creating a weighing indicator modules.

Surface Mount Modules

For surface mount digital weighing indicator modules take a look at the SMW range. For a high resolution 500,000 counts load cell indicator module, there is the SMW-HR.

Load Cell Controllers

The  weighing controllers and alarm modules offer precision control of weighing, temperature and other process variables together with a host of advanced features not normally found in this class of weighing controller. These weighing controllers offer simple calibration and configuration with options for additional outputs such as 4-20 mA/ 0-10 V analogue outputs and communications ports for connection to PC’s, PLC’s printers and remote displays.

With our products the emphasis is on simplicity and ease of use. A simple 'QuickStart' section in the manual can be used to configure all the functions essential for controlling your process. This includes input sensor type, measurement range, control options and alarms - making 'Out of the Box' operation truly achievable. If you prefer, you can specify what you need at point of order and we will ship the unit preconfigured to your requirements.

LCA20 Load Cell Weighing Controller

One of the most popular products is the LCA20. This load cell amplifier and weighing indicator (LCA20) offers options of local or remote LCD displays, isolated 4-20 mA 0-10 V analogue outputs, relay outputs for control or alarm functions and in-flight compensation commonly used in crane overload alarms. The RS232 or RS485 options provide for digital communications (including setup) and can support label or ticket printers.

Controls and Alarms

It is both a safety and a regulatory requirement to control. For monitoring of multi-load cell installations such as silos, tanks and other systems where the failure of a load cell could be catastrophic then take a look at the LCI.

LCI Load Cell Controller Modules

The LCI load cell controller modules constantly samples the individual load cell channels and activates an alarm if any failure conditions are detected. For a simple summing circuit with no trimming and no corner compensation, use the Load Cell Junction PCB, model JPP Load Cell Junction PCB, and for trimming and corner compensation, use the Active Junction Box, model JBA Load Cell Junction Box.

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