LT-QD DIN Rail Quadrature Position or Rate Transmitter

MLT-QD | 4-20 mA & Serial Data Output | Quadrature Position or Rate | DIN Rail Transmitter

The Micron Meters Quadrature transmitter accepts A & B quadrature encoder signals to provide an analog output that tracks position, length, angle, or rate. The A & B quadrature signals are 90° out of phase, and their phase relationship determines whether up counts (+) or down counts (-) are produced.

One, two or four quadrature transitions may be counted at a maximum combined rate of 250 kHz and be scaled internally to ±999,999 counts. The input circuitry may be jumpered for either single-ended input signals or for balanced line driver signals. Anti-jitter circuitry eliminates errors produced by vibration of the encoder. In the event of a power failure, the latest total may be stored in non-volatile memory and can be used as the starting point for counting when power resumes. Power fail or zero index capabilities are alternate meter setup choices.

Signal Conditioner Board for Micron Analog Input Flow Rate Meter and Analog Flow Totalizer

A zero index pulse, if available, is interpreted as indicating a zero reference for an integral number of revolutions of a rotary shaft encoder or the home position of a linear encoder. It is used by the meter for initializing and to correct for any cumulative pulse count errors. Special circuitry corrects for width of the zero index pulse.

Available for Total or Rate

  • With the Standard main board, the transmitter totalizes the quadrature counts and then scales the total in software for the output. A zero index Z signal can be added as a third input to the A & B signals. The analog output is generated by an ultra-linear 16-bit (65,536 step) digital-to-analog converter (DAC) for 0.02% output accuracy.
  • With the Extended main board, the transmitter can be programmed to output either total or rate or rate. For example, the output can track the speed of a moving slab from the RPM of a roller. The update rate for rate is a programmed gate time + 30 ms + 0-2 pulse periods.

Standard features of Micron MLT transmitters include:

  • 4-20 mA, 0-10V or -10V to +10V analog transmitter output, isolated, jumper-selectable and user scalable. All selections provide 16-bit (0.0015%) resolution of output span and 0.02% output accuracy of a reading from -99,999 to +99,999 counts that is also transmitted digitally. Output isolation from signal and power grounds eliminates potential ground loop problems.
  • Serial communications output, RS232 or RS485 (half or full duplex), jumper selectable. Three protocols are user selectable: Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, or Custom ASCII. Modbus operation is fully compliant with Modbus Over Serial Line Specification V1.0 (2002). The Custom ASCII protocol is simpler than the Modbus protocol and is recommended when all devices are Micron units.
  • Dual solid state relays, isolated, for alarm or control. Rated 120 mA at 130 Vac or 170 Vdc.
  • Transducer excitation output, isolated. User selectable 5V@100 mA, 10V@120 mA or 24V@50 mA.
  • Universal 85-264 Vac power. Low-voltage 10-48 Vdc or 12-32 Vac power is optional.

Easy Transmitter programming is via the Instrument Setup Software, which runs on a PC under MS Windows. This software can be downloaded from this website at no charge. The required transmitter-to-PC interface cable is available. (P/N CBL04).

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Select Transmitter Type
Select Main Board Option With Standard Main Board: Scalable to ±999,999 to read out position, length or angle from shaft encoders. With Extended Main Board: Scalable to ±999,999 to read out bi-directional rate or position from shaft encoders (not simultaneously).
Standard Main Board: Scalable to ±999,999 to read out position, length or angle from shaft encoders.
Extended Main Board: Scalable to ±999,999 to read out bi-directional rate or position from shaft encoders (not simultaneously).
Select Power Option
Select Input Option
Select Accessories
RS232 cable, 7ft. Connects RS232 screw terminals of LT transmitter to DB9 port of PC.
USB-to-DB9 adapter cable. Includes FTDI chip for compatibility with all versions of Windows. Combination of CBL02 and CBL04 connects PC USB port to LT RS232 port.
  • MLT | 4-20 mA & RS232/RS485 output transmitter
  • 6 ] Standard Main Board
  • 0 | Isolated 85-264 Vac or 90-300 Vdc
  • FR Dual Channel Frequency