T24-WSS | Wireless Wind Speed Transmitter | Anemometer

T24-WSS | Wireless Anemometer
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Micron's Web Price: $680.00
  • Rugged Enclosure Waterproof to IP67
  • ± 4% from 10 to 125 mph
  • Output units - m/sec, kph, mph, fps
  • Variable Sampling
  • Transmits on license free 2.4 GHz with up to 800 m (2,600 ft) range
  • Internal Batteries, Optional Solar or External Power

The wireless wind speed transmitter (Anemometer) T24-WSS is built on Mantracourt’s T24 2.4 Ghz wireless technology and operates alongside any T24 device such as base stations, handheld displays, analogue output, relay modules, GPRS data loggers and more.

The T24-WSS will ‘power down’ between transmissions to maximize battery life in the field and has a wireless range of up to 800 meters (2,600 ft).

The wireless wind speed transmitter (Anemometer) features a high quality 3-cup rotor pressed on a stainless steel shaft with rugged Delrin body with bronze Rulon bushings. Housed in an IP67 case.

The output value of the anemometer comes pre-calibrated and can be configured to the user’s requirements and measure over the range 5 to 125 mph. Other output units available are m/s, km/h and fps.

• 0.5 mph from 5 to 10 mph
• ± 4% from 10 to 125 mph

The T24-WSS is powered either from internal batteries or an external supply. For applications which require high sampling rates for long periods Mantracourt’s Power Pack1 and Solar Panel1 (PP1 & SP1) offers an ideal solution.

*Check operating temperature of Dcells intended for use.
**Maximum range achieved in open field site with the T24 acquisition module at a height of 3 metres (9.8 feet) above ground and T24-HS held at chest height pointing towards the acquisition module. Specification at 3V supply at 25°C

T24 WSS Dimensions.png

Document Downloads (PDF) Software
  • T24 Toolkit : Version 2.4.8 This toolkit allows configuration, calibration and testing of the T24 range of 2.4GHz telemetry products.
  • T24 Quick View : Version 2.0.0 This product allows you to view and log data from the T24 range of 2.4GHz telemetry acquisition modules. Only works with T24-BSu USB base station. What Does It Do
  • 100 Channel Logging & Visualisation Software (T24LOG100) : For use with up to 100 channels using T24 range of sensor transmitters, view, log and browse data on demand, set visual and audible alarms. Graphics and mapping capabilities. Customised branding available. Allows remote viewing via webserver.
Q: What units of measurement can the T24-WSS display?

 A: The wind speed sensor measures feet per second, miles an hour, km per hour

Q: What batteries does the T24-WSS use?

A: The T24-WSS uses 2 x D cells

Q: What range can the T24-WSS measure?

A: The wind speed sensor measures ±4% from 10 to 125 mph

Q: How far can the wireless T24-WSS transmit?

A: 800 metres (2600 ft)